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Ethical Management

SEAKI PRECISION CO., LTD is committed to fulfilling the following ethical standards
fulfilling the common prosperity of stakeholders and the social roles and responsibilities of the company.

  1. We strive to create a sound corporate culture by conducting all duties honestly and fairly.
  2. We create a rewarding workplace that respects each other's personality, has fair competition, and is justly valued for its abilities and achievements.
  3. We comply with relevant laws, respect commercial moral values, and pursue common development through fair and transparent transactions.
  4. We think and make decisions from the customer's standpoint, recognize that customer satisfaction is our development and do our best to create value for our customers.
  5. As a member of the social community, we fulfill our social responsibilities, respect traditions and cultures, and contribute to the development of our country and society.
  • Sound Corporate Culture
  • Equitable, fair and rewarding workplace
  • Pursue a common development
  • Create value for customers
  • Contribution to national and social development