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Safety & Environment Management

SEAKI PRECISION CO., LTD recognize safety & environment as the core of sustainability management
establish and implement safety & environmental management policies as follows.

  1. Safety & Environment top priority in all our business activities.
  2. Check the safety & environmental impacts in advance and eliminate the hazards.
    In addition, accident prevention and environmental improvement activities are continuously pursued.
  3. We continuously carry out training for employees.
    In addition to complying with relevant laws and regulations, we also establish more stringent internal control standards.
  4. Build a safety & environmental management system, and establish, implement and evaluate specific goals and implementation plans to continuously improve them.
  5. Communicate with all stakeholders, including customers, partners and communities, and do our best to optimize.
  • A safe environment a priority in the management activities
  • Eliminate harmful hazards and promote environmental improvement
  • Training conducted, and comply with internal control standards
  • Safety & Environment Management System Build, improve
  • Communicate and optimize with all stakeholders